Our Mission

To promote and protect the health, safety, quality of life and prosperity of everyone living in our community
by renovating and expanding our pool and community center.

Great Support from Members of our Community

Les Hallman, Newberg Fire Chief

For the Newberg Fire Department the pool is important for many reasons, including teaching children to learn how to swim at an early age. The Chehalem Aquatic Center is one of the only programs around that does that. It is critical that children are taught how to swim at an early age. Unfortunately the fire department on a regular basis responds to incidents involving children where they haven’t been taught how to swim. That’s an essential public service program the pool provides for the community. Without improvements to the pool I can see that going away. Another benefit of improving the pool involves the Newberg Fire Department Dive team. We use the pool on a regular basis for training. The pool plays a big role for us.

Loren Berg, Owner Newberg Chevrolet

We enjoy a high quality of life in our community. This helps attract businesses that provide good-paying jobs. It is also something that we should not take for granted. Forty-four years ago the members of our community had the foresight to invest in a community pool. It is an investment that has paid off and I believe we have a responsibility to maintain that investment and pass it on to future generations. This will help to preserve our community’s status as a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Spike Sumner, Pool patron

I’m supporting the need for renovation of our local swimming pool/aquatic center. I think this is a tremendous community asset that has served many, many people very well over the years. It’s age is showing with various challenges evident. We need to preserve, and enhance our Aquatic Center to provide for ongoing operations well into the future. Please join me in supporting this effort.



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